Why BioSampler™?

1. User-Friendly

Our BioSampler™is easy, convenient, and patient-friendly. It requires only a few drops of bio-fluid and can be used by any patients themselves, anywhere, anytime.

2. Volumetric Accuracy & Precision

Our BioSampler provides accurate sampling irrespective of the type of bio-fluid. It enables quantitative and qualitative analysis of bio-analyte.

3. Sample Integrity

Our BioSampler maintains the sample for a longer duration and prevents cross contamination and biohazards issues.

4. Simplified Sample Processing

Our BioSampler provides easy and rapid sample retrieval for analysis. It is compatible with common laboratory tools and facilitates sample identification and tracking from sample to analysis.

How to Use BioSampler™?

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Watch our video to get the better understanding of the BioSampler™

Applications of BioSampler™

Clinical research

Animal studies
forensic research
therapeutic drug monitoring
clinical trails

Clinical diagnostics

infectious disease diagnosis
new born screening
specialised diagnostics
molecular Biology
antidoping diagnosis