IOTA Diagnostic

About Us

Iota Diagnostic Private Limited is an organization that is built on the foundation of affordable and accessible healthcare. Our paradigm-changing vision of bringing innovative and futuristic technological products and solutions for affordable diagnosis and healthcare for everyone, remains our guiding purpose. IDPL is a technology-driven venture that works at the intersection of life sciences and engineering to tackle societal and industrial issues and improve healthcare for all. At IDPL, we're committed to offering cost-effective products and technologies that are simple, robust, and sustainable.

In this effort, we have developed a Bio-specimen Micro-sampler Device, that extends diagnostic reach to patients' homes and remote locations. Built on Dried Bio-specimen Matrix (DBM), it allows microliters of biological fluid samples to be collected, stored, and transported bio-safely from remote locations to laboratories for diagnostic/pharmaceutical analysis at ambient room temperature with no cold chain logistics.

Vision: Our vision is to bring innovations for better health for everyone. Our core values guide our conversations, organizational decisions, and anchor the action of our employees.

Mission: Our mission is to reach billions for accurate and precise diagnosis and health access in an affordable manner by fostering and advocating excellence.

Core Pillar/Value:

Simplicity: We believe in providing simple and user-friendly solutions to people through our product and deep technological solutions.

Quality: We believe in offering quality products, robust technologies and reliable solutions to users.

Sustainable: We believe in accessing our products and solutions at a reasonable cost by maintaining the quality and integrity throughout the product life cycle.


Development: We believe that the future of the healthcare industry in innovation. We push limits of what healthcare technologies and solutions can be.

Manufacturing: We challenge ourselves and each other to make tomorrow better than yesterday and believe in the motto of ‘sustainable manufacturing’ with high quality products and technologies.

Accessible: We advance science for life and provide a broad range of high-performance solutions for unmet needs.

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